About me

"My Students are my Family!

 I am blessed with a wonderful experience to 'raise my musical children' and to send them on their life journeys with a wonderful gift - an ability to understand the music language and the knowledge of how to use their skills to transform their feelings into emotional music disregard of their age or level of study.

It's amazing how much I could learn from my students when they put their soul into their performance!"


- Mrs. Larissa Timochina

 • Larissa an active member of the Music Teacher Association of California and prepare my students for Recitals, Shows, Competitions and Certificate of Merit.


     • She has an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Music Education and a Bachelor Degree of Arts with concentration in Piano Performance, Voice, Chorus and Music Pedagogy   from Moscow-Russia. In the United States, Larissa studied at the United Federation of Teachers in New York.


      • Larissa has been a dedicated music, piano and voice teacher for over 35 years (the last 25 of them in the US) and currently teaching at my Music Studio in Northridge, CA.


      • "I enjoy teaching different musical styles, such as classical, jazz, rock, blues and country, incorporating different methods (Suzuki, Orff, Dalcroze, Kodaly, European, Russian and American) and design specific programs for each individual student or a group class which help me to achieve great results with my students of any age and turn enthusiasts into full-grown professionals." 


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