Lessons and Classes

Adult & Senior Instructions Class

This class has been designed for adults of ANY age with or without any previous experience who would like to give a new dimension to their lives and learn more about music styles and basic theory.

Music Discovery Group Class

An introductory music program for a small group of 3-5 students (ages  3-4). Utilized movement and drama elements allow children to have fun while they're learning piano techniques, basics of music theory and developing their pitch and musical flexibility.

Keyboard Ensemble  Group Classes  (3-5 students)

A fun and  economical way to try out an instrument.

In small classes with individual attention students become more familiar with the piano techniques and basics of music theory that allow them quickly learn  a part   of a music piece and enjoy performing together.

Intensive  Program for CM Exam

This program will allow students of any age  to prepare  for the Music Education Evaluations in Piano/Voice Techniques, Performance,  Fundamentals of Music Theory, Sight Reading Skills and  Ear Training. There are 11 levels of exams from  Preparatory to Advanced. All exams are held in February-March of each calendar year. To learn more about   Certificate of Merit evaluation program please refer to Music Teacher's Association of California website:

Our Children participated in the Young Arstists Festival of the California Teacher Assossiation at Steinway's Recital Hall of Pasadena.

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